Don’t let this food go to waste!

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We really need YOU!


Once a month I volunteer for a VERY worthwhile charity, Second Helpings. Second Helpings’ volunteers pick up food from various sources and delivers them to select charities around town. Second Helpings has already rescued over 2,000,000 pounds of food this year and they need help getting these valuable food donations to the right people. Here are few examples of the routes that need volunteer drivers:

  A team member is needed for Tuesday at Alons by 9am.

The food goes to St Vincent De Paul.


A team Member is needed for Friday at Whole Foods Buckhead between 7:30-8am.

The food goes to my Sisters House.


 A team Member is needed for Wednesday at Whole Foods in Buckhead between 7:30-8am.

The food goes to the Malacchi House in Dunwoody


 A team member is needed for Wednesday at 10am at Costco in Brookhaven.

The food goes to  St Vincent De Pauls. SUV or Mini van needed


 Team members are needed Monday or Thursday am to pick up at Papa Johns on Powers Ferry Road.

The food will go to the CAC.


   Team Members needed to pick up at Lucys Market on E Paces Ferry Wednesday and or Friday between 10am-12pm.

The food will go tot the Buckhead Christian Ministries.


  Truck helper needed Monday and or Thursday AM.

 Great Summer opportunity for High School and College students

Community Service hours will be given 


It only takes 60-90 minutes ONCE a MONTH

PLEASE forward to any friends/family that might be interested in helping!

Don’t let this food go to waste! If you or someone you know can help out they would love to have you! Just let me know and I’ll gladly connect you with the right people. Or feel free to directly contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Beth Scheuer.

 Beth Scheuer

Second Helpings Volunteer Coordinator
“Driving out hunger one mile at a time”

Best Wishes,


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Waiting to Sell?

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 Waiting to sell?

Here’s why it may not be a good idea…


 “They want to wait for their house value to come up. But by the time it does, so does the price of one they are going to buy.”

It’s been said so many times, it was finally featured in the cover story of  Sunday’s Atlanta Journal Constitution, “Home Sales Up, As Prices Plummet”  My quote actually didn’t make the front page. Scroll to bottom ½ of the “Inventory at Issue” section to see my quote.

Don’t be scared by the headline. The news isn’t as daunting as the article title might lead one to believe. The majority of sales are still in the <$200,000 price ranges to 1st time buyers and Investors. The article acknowledges this as the cause for lower average sales prices. Activity is picking up in higher price ranges too. We’ve seen that in the demand for good inventory.

The follow up line to my quote is “And astoundingly low interest rates represent a HUGE savings. Therefore any real or perceived loss on their current home is offset by the gain on their next home.”

Did you know that low interest rates and low prices can also increase your buying power? It’s true! You can buy more house for less money!

Sellers and buyers will be interested in the related story, “Buyers move fast to find good prices”  The article shares several buyer’s experiences while purchasing their new home. Some buyers realized there’s a reason some of the listings are priced as “deals” and many of the distressed properties just aren’t “all that”. They also learned they had to act quickly to beat other buyers to the hot listings. To the point they competed with other buyers and lost.

The take away for buyers; if you see it and like it, jump on it. The take away for sellers; there’s a HUGE demand for good listings and now IS a good time to sell. If you or someone you know is considering making a move to take advantage of the opportunities of today’s market, get in touch with me TODAY for a free, no obligation consultation.

Can’t wait to get started hunting for your opportunity? Follow this link to get started:

All the best,


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It’s greater in Decatur-Buyer needs

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It’s Greater in Decatur….

And in other parts of town too….


It’s true; it IS greater in Decatur! The National Park Service recently confirmed this notion by adding buildings that date back to the mid 1800’s, along the Southern portion of the Decatur Square to the National Register of Historic Places.   Check out all Decatur has to offer here:

Other special news about Decatur is that demand is high and good inventory is bleak. At the risk of sounding like a broken record; good listings are literally flying off the shelves in this area. Case in point, we submitted an offer for a home within a few days after it was listed. After several days of knuckle biting negotiations we finally reached an agreement. 20 minutes later the sellers withdrew their acceptance in favor of a cash offer that had just arrived. This was a first for me in my 11+ years as a Realtor®.

We’ve scoured the inventory in the area and we could use your help to find this highly qualified buyer a new home. If you or anyone you know is considering a move and has a home that matches her criteria, PLEASE let me know.  The buyer’s ideal home would include the following:

  • Targeting the Decatur Square area, Winnona Park, East Lake, Oakhurst, Avondale Estates & Kirkwood (North of Hosea Williams Blvd). 
  • Older homes/ Craftsmen bungalows; can be a newer home if built in that style.
  • 3 Bedrooms/2 Full Baths. Might consider a 2BDR/2BA if right property.
  • Off street parking is a MUST and covered parking is even better.
  • Basement, outbuilding or attic for extra storage is a plus.
  • Minor cosmetics/paint redo’s are OK; NO fixer uppers or “project” houses.
  • Up to $300,000.

And it’s greater in other parts of town too. One of my colleague’s has “a buyer relocating to Atlanta, spending 400K and desires to be in the ever sought after Dunwoody, Montgomery school district, or Roswell area in River Eves or Northwoods school districts.  They may also consider other close in good Roswell school districts. They both work from home, so they need the potential for 2 home offices.  They have one Kindergartener.  Yard is very important to them for they are coming from Colorado.  They are preapproved and ready to buy. Does anyone have anything coming on the market in the next 2 weeks that we should take a look at before making a decision on what is currently on the market?”

If you have the home that might be a fit for either of these buyers and want to get started searching for your next home; just follow this link:

All the best,


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