Georgia Home Prices & Pending Sales Climb for the Sixth Consecutive Month!

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Hot off the wire from the Georgia Assn of Realtors®; housing indicators for October point to more stabilization in the market throughout Georgia! Some key findings:

  • New listings decreased 8 percent
  • Pending sales were up 37 percent
  • Inventory levels shrank 29 percent
  • Median prices rose 17 percent
  • Average prices rose 13 percent
  • Month’s supply of homes for sale decreased 37 percent
  • Days on market decreased 9 percent 

If you or someone you know is thinking about selling, NOW is a great time to list to take advantage of the amazingly low inventory. There’s less competition and lots of qualified buyers out there which is evident by the increase in pending sales.

Wondering about sales in your area? Want to know how to seize this awesome opportunity and sell your house quickly? Just call or email TODAY for a free, no obligation consultation.

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Impress your Thanksgiving Day guests with these fun facts about the upcoming holiday:

  • A three-day feast with about 50 colonists and 90 Native Americans, the first Thanksgiving in 1621 didn’t include mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie or cranberries. Deer, rabbit and squash graced the table, and historians believe that lobster, seal and swan may have been served as well.
  • American leaders called for days of thanks rather regularly during the 17th and 18th centuries. A celebration on a specific day every year didn’t occur until President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863.
  • While “gobble” is the call most people associate with turkeys, the birds have at least 28 different known vocalizations. Other calls, including “yelps,” “clucks,” “putts,” “cackles,” “purrs,” “hoots” and “hisses,” are used to indicate danger, advertise the caller’s sex, establish control and keep the flock together.
  • Despite popular belief, the tryptophan in turkey is probably not responsible for post-meal drowsiness. Thanksgiving sleepiness is more likely caused by drinking excess alcohol and eating a large, high-carbohydrate meal that the body must work hard to digest. While eating turkey on a completely empty stomach without any other food might make you a tad tired, when served as part of a hefty feast, the tryptophan’s effect is negligible.
  • The first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 1924 drew a quarter of a million people and featured costumed Macy’s employees, professional bands, and animals from Central Park Zoo. Today, over 3 million people attend the parade, and another 44 million tune in on the tube.  Giant helium balloons were added to Macy’s parade in 1927. While Macy’s planned to release them into the sky following the parade, the balloons popped on their ascent. The following year, the release was successful, and the balloons floated above the region for several days. Any kid lucky enough to find one of the deflated balloons thereafter received a free gift from the department store.
  • The tradition of holding a “Thanksgiving Classic” started in 1934, when the Chicago Bears defeated the Detroit Lions in front of 26,000 fans. Detroit’s all-time record on the holiday is 33 wins, 36 losses and two ties, and the only time the Lions didn’t play a game on Thanksgiving Day was when the NFL was on moratorium during World War II.
  • In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt moved Thanksgiving to the third Thursday of the month in an effort to spur shopping during The Great Depression. Met with vast public opposition, Roosevelt was forced to change the holiday back to the last Thursday in November just two years later
  • The National Turkey Federation has given a turkey to the White House every Thanksgiving since 1947. Until 1989—when George H. Bush began the tradition of pardoning the White House turkey—nearly every president chose to eat the bird. Spared turkeys spend the rest of their days in the happiest place on earth: Disneyland.
  • While commercially raised turkeys usually can’t fly—breeding practices have altered their body proportions—the wild variety can hit speeds of up to 55 miles per hour when spooked by a predator. They can also run up to 20 miles an hour, making them a tough target for hunters.


Don’t feel like fighting the Black Friday shopping crowds?  Start the search for your new home purchase without ever having to leave the couch:

Wishing you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving!

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Sales prices are on the rise!

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Thankfully, median sales prices for single family homes continued to rise for the seventh month in a row! This is partially due to a decrease in distressed property inventory which murdered our median sales #s last year. Lack of inventory has also had a positive impact on sales prices. The market has shifted to the seller side for homes priced <$500,000. Fierce competition among buyers for good listings is driving up sales prices. If you’re looking for that deal of the decade, don’t wait too long to jump in the market. Otherwise you’ll be watching prices rise from that fence you’re sitting on and you may be there for a VERY long time if you don’t act NOW!  Contact me TODAY to secure your spot in this historic opportunity presented by today’s market.

Can’t wait to get started? Just follow this link to find your perfect dream home or investment property:

If you would like to see the entire Q3 Atlanta Market Report for detached homes or condos/townhouses just ask and it will be sent to you post haste.

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