Can you help these buyers find a new home?

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find a home

We’ve searched the limited inventory extensively & are unable to find the right property. Would really appreciate your help to locate a new home for my buyers. Here’s what they’re seeking:

3 Bedroom/2 Bath Townhouse

Dickerson Middle School-an absolute must

Garage preferred, will consider carport

Prefers all bedrooms on same floor

Up to $250,000


3 Bedroom/2 Bath home

Within 5 miles (as crow flies) of Exits 8 & 12 along 400

2 car garage a must have

Fixer upper is OK

Up to $175,000

If you or someone you know has a match for these buyers please call or email ASAP! You’ll save yourself the time & energy of getting the house ready to list & we will be eternally grateful for your help!

Wondering about the value of your house in today’s market? Want to find that perfect dream home of your own? I’m ALWAYS available to help with that too! Just call or email to get started. Can’t wait? Just follow this link:

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Rent vs. Buy?

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Should I rent or should I buy?

rent vs buy

Have you noticed that rental rates continue to rise? It’s because most rentals are at capacity whether it’s an apartment, condo or single family home. Landlords are increasing rental rates because they can. This phenomenon has many renters reconsidering changing their housing plan from renting to buying. Initially, it may appear that renting costs less per month than buying. However, in the long term that may not be the case. Here’s a great tool to help you determine the best option for you:

Just plug in the desired ZIP code & the system will populate the average sales price & rental rates for that ZIP code. The tool also calculates all the costs associated with owning a home; including taxes, insurance, utilities & maintenance, vs. renting. The results may surprise you. For example; the average sales price for a home in 30338/Dunwoody is $466,307, average rental rates in the same area are $1,671/month. Believe it or not, it’s cheaper to buy a $400,000+ house than rent for less than $2,000/month in Dunwoody. Especially when one considers the increase in value of your investment/home which is elusive to renters as rentals offer no long term return on investment (ROI).

Got your attention? Ready to start making your money work harder for you? Contact me TODAY to learn more about the advantages of home ownership. Can’t wait to get started? Just follow this link to find your dream home:

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