Buyer needs | 02/01/2018

Can you help these buyers find a home?


Low inventory is making it challenging to find homes for my buyers & we could use your help to find homes for them. Here’s a brief description of what we need:

Home in Tucker or Smokerise area

  • 3 BDR/2 BA minimum
  • Prefers updated or minimal cosmetics
  • Must have a fireplace & garage
  • Nice size master bath a priority too
  • Up to $350,000

Home in Canton or Woodstock

  • 3 BDR/2 BA minimum
  • Must have a basement & garage
  • Minimum ½ acre lot, the bigger the better, the more private the better too
  • No fixer uppers
  • Up to $400,000
  • “Non-cookie cutter” neighborhood is important too

Fixer uppers in East Point/Ft. Mac area

  • 3 BDR/2 BA minimum
  • <$100,000

Properties for executive rentals in Dunwoody & Sandy Springs

  • 3 BDR/2 BA minimum
  • Garage
  • No fixer uppers, some cosmetics OK
  • Up to $400,000

If you or someone you know has a match for these clients please contact me ASAP! It will help you get to your next spot faster & you’ll save time, money & energy because you won’t have to get the house in showing condition. If this is a match for you I can help you find your new home too! Can’t wait to see what’s out there? Just follow this link to find your dream home:

All the best,



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