Need your opinion please | 04/05/2018

Please share your opinion…..

The exceptionally low inventory is making things even more interesting this year. Homes are going under contract in 24 hours or less. Because agents & their buyers know there will likely be competing offers for the hot new listings they are getting extraordinarily aggressive when making offers. That includes a VERY tight deadline to respond to the offer. For example, an offer came in a few weeks ago with a 4 hour deadline. Glad to say we made the deadline & the listing is under contract. Although it was tricky, especially because I was out on an appointment & really only had 1 ½ hours by the time I was able to look at the offer.

Understand completely why the agent gave us such a small window to respond; 2 offers came in right after the deadline. I usually try to be more considerate of the other parties and give them more time, say 24 hours. It’s always best to start negotiations off in a positive fashion vs. pushy.  However, I’m pondering using shorter deadlines (still more than 4 hours) to be able to get the house for my buyers without risking antagonizing the other parties. This is where I’d like your input……if you were a seller how would you react to an offer with very little time to respond? What are your thoughts on an appropriate amount of time for response (6 hours? 12 hours?, etc.)?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts! And if there is ever anything I can do to help you in return for the favor just ask.

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