| 09/26/2018

Look out for Leaves


We’ve had quite a bit of rain and falling leaves lately. Soon your roofs, gutters and walkways will have a thick coat of wet leaves. It’s important to clear those leaves off of your roof and gutters to prevent damage to your roof as well as avoid wood rot and other potential home maintenance issues. Even if you have gutter guards; debris still gets in the gutters which can lead to back up. It’s also a very good idea to pull leaves away from your house and foundation to be sure water flows away from the house instead of toward it.  Another beneficial item on the list is to add extensions to your gutter downspouts to insure water goes as far away from the foundation as possible. Heed this wise advice and you’ll thank me later because your home will be warm, dry and cozy this winter. You’ll also have less maintenance chores in the Spring.

Looking for a new home with less trees & leaves, more space, less space or different locale? It would be my pleasure to help! Just contact me today to get started. Can’t wait? Just follow the link below to find your dream home:

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