Atlanta is in top 15 of fastest growing markets | 10/09/2018

More good news……USA Today ranked Atlanta as #13 in top growing markets! The article specifically mentions: Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta (the areas I know best) based on this data:

  • 1-yr. change in median home sale price: 11.7 percent
  • Median home sale price 2017 Q2: $204,900
  • Median home sale price 2018 Q2: $228,800
  • July unemployment: 3.5 percent

A big contributor is that people are moving from large, urban areas in the Northeast to suburban areas in the South & West. Which is one of the reasons I chose real estate as my 2nd career; those Yankees keep moving here. I’ve watched this city grow since I was a small child. The plethora of info/trivia I know about the city & its Suburbs has been very useful to my clients.

Additionally, after 17 years as a Realtor® I’ve gained an abundance of knowledge about home construction, maintenance, etc. Including how truly clueless I was, about taking care of a home, prior to real estate. It would be my pleasure to put that expertise to work for you as well! So if you or someone you know is considering buying or selling a home, contact me TODAY to take advantage of all this intelligence!

To see the rest of the article just follow this link:

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