Can you help these buyers find a home for the holidays?

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Inventory is still low & need your help to find homes for these buyers. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Condo in East Cobb or Roswell

  • 2 BDR/2 BA
  • Bottom unit, no steps
  • Up to $150,000
  • Cash buyer

Single Family Home in East Cobb

  • 4 BDR/2 ½ BA
  • 3 bedrooms is OK if there’s a spot to make a 4th bedroom; i.e. unfinished basement, loft that can be transformed into a bedroom.
  • Garage
  • FHA Loan-no fixer uppers
  • Up to $275,000

If you or someone you know has a match for these buyers please contact me ASAP so we can get them into a new home for the holidays or at least the New Year.

Wondering about sales in your neighborhood, just follow this link

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Holiday Safety Tips

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With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season among us, it’s easy to get distracted, especially while shopping.  Had an email reminder from the Dunwoody Police Dept about some recent purse snatchings happening in the Atlanta area.  Think we all can use this reminder to keep our self and our belongings safe this time of year.

1. When shopping at a busy mall, if possible, leave your large handbags at home

Bring only items that you really need, such as ID and a bit of cash in your wallet. Place them safely in your pocket. You can use a small purse or a bag if you want to bring additional items like keys, phone or makeup, but do keep them hidden in plain sight.

2. Don’t carry any more cash or credit cards than needed

More often than not, bringing one credit card is enough. Make sure you have written the customer service number on a piece of paper or somewhere, so you can report it in the event your purse is stolen. That said, it is better to keep your cellphone in your pocket and not in your purse while shopping. (Keep them separated)

3. Be aware of the area around you

Awareness of your surroundings is one of the most important factors you need to consider when you’re out shopping. Take a good look at the faces and hands of people who might approach or pass through you. Do not appear to be vulnerable or exposed and make sure you can describe them if such incident occurs. Most of these snatchers like to strike swiftly without being recognized. They also like to strike from behind so be fully aware of your surroundings all the time.

4. Hold your purse close to your body

Whether you’re on a bus, a train, or just walking/shopping – hold your bag securely and close to your body. You can also wear it under your jacket or coat and keep it unexposed.

5. Do not leave your purse in your shopping cart or on a counter

Not even for a moment. Also, do not hang your purse in a stroller.

6. Do not leave your belongings unattended on a table or chair beside you in a restaurant.

Keep your belongings very close to you at all times. This includes purses, shopping bags, laptop bags and any other personal belonging that you have.

7. Record credit card assistance numbers.

You will want to call and cancel your credit cards immediately in the event your cards are stolen. Never record account numbers or other personal information in your cell phone in the event of your cell phone being stolen.

Be alert and safe this holiday season and be sure to pass these tips on to friends and family!

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