| 05/09/2019

The market is hot, do I need a Realtor® to sell my house?

Thankfully, it looks like we’re going to have another HOT selling season this year. This has many sellers thinking they will save some money (on commissions) & sell their house themselves. In reality, they are likely, unexpectedly, costing themselves money. Putting a sign in the yard & lockbox on the door is the easy part. It’s what happens after that when things get tricky. Here are just a few points to consider before committing to sell “By Owner”:


Are you

1.      Able to accept and evaluate contract offers unemotionally?

2.      Mindful that you and the FSBO buyer have the same primary goal – to save the commission?  Your goal is to receive market price without paying a commission.  The FSBO Buyer’s goal is reduce your market price by the amount of the commission.

3.      Knowledgeable of how to protect your interest and avoid giving away valuable negotiating points while showing your house?

4.      Aware of your negotiating parameters and how to negotiate a win- win situation?

5.      Able to navigate multiple offer situations?



Are you

1.      Aware that the greatest challenge in selling your house is not finding a buyer and getting a contract, but getting to the closing table?

2.      Comfortable you can overcome the inevitable “buyer’s remorse” syndrome?

3.      Prepared to deal with any buyer’s loan challenges required for final loan approval?

4.      Willing to deal with and overcome inspection issues?

5.      Knowledgeable of how to deal with low appraisals?

6.      Able to effectively deal with emotional closing issues?

These are only a few points to consider. Of course, there are a lot more things to think about. To see the rest of the potential challenges & pitfalls contact me today. I’ll gladly share the rest of the report with you!

Wondering about the value of your home in today’s market. Always happy to help with that too, all you have to do is ask. Can’t wait, just follow this link for the answer:

All the best,


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