School Supply Drive | 07/15/2019

The Keller Williams Realty First Atlanta Culture Committee has organized a School Supply Drive.  We have Adopted a Class out of Scott Elementary School in NW Atlanta, Atlanta City Schools.  Here is a note from the teacher and below is the list of supplies needed.  Anything you can dontate would be greatly appreciated!

Our Classroom and School:

    I teach 1st grade at Scott Elementary School.  We are part of Atlanta Public Schools and located in Northwest Atlanta.  Our population is about 93% African American and 7% Hispanic.  100% of our students come from low-income families and qualify for free breakfast and lunch.  Our school is in the process of becoming STEM certified and we challenge our students daily to stretch their creativity and problem-solving skills through hands-on activities and working as a team.  I love working at Scott Elementary.  While there are many challenges that accompany poverty and academic deficits, our students are exuberant, intelligent, kind, and brave.  I learn new things every day from my students, but the biggest lesson has been resiliency.  They are experiencing things at 6 and 7 years old that I could never have imagined at that age, yet they come to school everyday ready to learn, grow, and spread their joy.  

     My school does the best they can to provide for their students, but the truth is there’s simply not enough.  Not enough money, time, manpower, or energy.  But through the help of people like you, we are able to give our students a new narrative.  At the beginning of my first year at Scott, my classroom did not have a rug.  My students were gathering for morning meeting and center work on cold, hard, dirty tile floors and doing so without opposition or a single complaint.  My principal, who is truly amazing, told me that he would try his best but that there was just not enough in the budget to afford a rug right now.  I took the matter into my own hands and, through the generosity of strangers on, my students were given a beautiful, plush, large, new rug!  My student’s response to their gift was shock.  They couldn’t believe they mattered enough to be given something so nice.  This is the difference we can make in these students lives!  Yes, helping them to learn how to read and do math (which is incredibly important) but also helping them to learn that they are worth more than they could ever imagine.  That is how we give young people in our country a new story and start to break the vicious cycle of poverty and illiteracy.  

    I can’t thank you enough for even being willing to help!  I haven’t met my students for the 2019-2020 but I can assure you they will ecstatic to receive any and all supplies.  Thank you for being a huge part of their success in school and helping them learn that they are deserving of the whole world.

-Mrs. Fisher

Materials Needed:

Let’s do what we can to help these kids have a great school year!!!


All the best,


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